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Join us for the Sustainable and Impact Club events

I’m very happy to welcome you at the Sustainability and Impact Club!! The Club is supported by Tampere Universities, Y-Kampus and the Continuous Learning department. All meetings are free and open to non-students. Mondays and Tuesdays meetings have the same content but are offered in 2 (...)

Sustainability and Impact Club Creation with Tampere Universities

A great journey is starting!! With the active participation of students, I’m in charge of creating a Sustainability and Impact Club. Our meetings are happening at Y-Kampus facilities in TAMK campus and Keskusta campus. The Sustainability and Impact Club’s intention is: to involve students in (...)

Tampere, kaupunki matkalla kohti ympäristöstävällisyyttä

On totta, että elinolosuhteet Tampereella ovat upeat. Meillä on puhdasta ilmaa, raikasta vettä, ja metsät ovat lähellä. Siitä huolimatta on tehtävä vielä paljon, jotta Tampere olisi kestävän kehityksen kaupunki, jossa hyödynnetään resurssien jakamista, kiertotaloutta, kaupunkipuutarhoja, lähiruokapiirejä (...)

Sustainable Christmas gifts: please re-use

One of the best thing in Finland are the second hand shops. Name it Fida, Red Cross or small "kirppis" shops in town. These shops are nice and just like any other. Take your time, explore everything and you will for sure find treasures there for your next Christmas gifts!! A few events are (...)

Where Can You Buy Organic Food in Tampere?

One day, I was travelling to Greece and an old lady at the market was yelling at a young guy. She was selling local organic garlic and onions. He was selling garlic and onions grown with chemicals and shipped from Asia, 30% cheaper. That’s how I understood globalization in 3 minutes and that’s (...)

Sustainable Fashion Shops

In the heart of Tampere Seele is offering a beautiful selection of Finnish organic clothing, as locally produced as possible. It can be expensive but it definitely last longer. For lovers of Finnish design, Miela (picture) is a shop hosting about 20-30 local brands, some of them being 100% (...)

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