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Sustainable lunch at TAMK!

I’m SO happy to announce that the 4th sustainable lunch is happening on Nov 27th at Y-Kampus in Tampere University / TAMK campus (the one right in front of Tays, entrance on Kuntokatu 3). Come to discuss climate change solutions with positive energy!! We’ll also share delicious veggie food (...)

Climat Crisis coffee time

Extinction Rebellion (or XR) is "a global environmental movement using nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse." (Wikipedia) As a non-violent movement, they are (...)

Mix&Match #Sharing Economy

Organized at Tribe, the 3d Mix&Match networking events is happening on Nov. 27th and all about sharing economy. It’s a cool opportunity to network. Check the event’s FB page here. The event is in English and is FREE of charge for all participants! The venue is Tribe, Pinninkatu (...)

Changemakers: Identity

Changemakers is a small group of people motivated to work on re-use, recycle, sustainable food and more. They aim to organize very concrete actions and this time they work on building their brand. Do you want to join? Explore what’s possible? Participate actively or simply share? Please come (...)

Re-use days in Tampere

It’s time to clean your stuff guys! If you have items to give away, please bring them to the re-use days. You can trade, exchange, give away, buy 10 items for 1€ each and all the benefits will go to wild life protection. It’s open from 12:00 to 17:00 at Kuninkaankatu 39. And it’s organized by (...)

Siiri Enoranta, sustainable fantasy writer

Siiri Enoranta is a young writer living in Tampere. She’s very concerned by the environment and passionate about sustainable changes. She’s a writer of fantasy books and received numerous prestigious awards, such as the Finlandia Junior prize last year. I invite you to discover her universe here. (...)

DigitallyCircular goes Tampere!

"DigitallyCircular goes Tampere! A discussion between circular economy experts, business decision-makers and digital professionals is happening next week. The purpose is to accelerate circular economy development by connecting circular economy professionals, digital experts and business (...)

Meet the Good Guys in Tampere

I’m sure you have noticed that Kombucha beverages are very trendy... why that? Kombucha is a bacteria that has been used for thousands of years in all Asia and Russia. It is known for supporting good gut health, which is our "second brain". It’s mixed with flavoured teas or water to create very (...)

Ruohonjuuri celebrates 37 years of existence!

This shop is one of the green shops in town, almost a legend here! They have a great selection of cosmetics, oils, juices, gluten free items, muesli, chocolates, teas, coffees, treats, cleaning products, superfood and vitamins. Let’s meet next week at their Tampere shop to celebrate their 37 (...)

Spice Ladies Go Green!

"PopUp Tampere is a local community of family chefs cooking for local people!" says Carolina Florio (see picture). For this event there will be 4 of them to make you taste their delicious recipes. They all agreed that they needed to reduce their usage of disposable, and prefer local suppliers, (...)

Changemakers Tampere

It all started this Summer with Kubilay Kağan Özkan, a young student from Turkey working on his thesis and working for Tampere City as well. With a lot of dedication, his role is to help start-ups find their way and create more connexion between international talents and Tampere’s landscape. This (...)

Stop 5G? Let’s talk about it.

Interesting. In it’s constant search for more and more tech, Finland goes crazy about 5G but what about side effects. Are they any? Can it be harmful? This conference is presenting the perspective of Prof. Martin Pall and researcher Mikko Ahonen who state that we should pause the 5G and (...)

Mix&Match #Circular Economy

Organized at Tribe, the Mix&Match networking events serie is coming up on various impact fields. The second one in on Oct. 16th and all about circular economy. It’s a cool opportunity to network. Check the event’s FB page: The event is in English and is FREE of charge for all participants! (...)

Forest immersion - 25 min from Tampere

If you’re willing to relax in the forest and learn more about natural food, this event is for you. It’s on Oct 5th and it all starts at 9:15 am and it’s all about identifying boletus and chanterelles, and also learning how to cook and conserve same during winter time. After a light snack with hot (...)

Tampere’s citizen’s day

If you can make it, it’s important to join this event and make your voice count by suggesting more sustainable practices for Tampere and discovering interesting initiatives. It’s happening on October 1st, from 3pm to 7pm in Tampere Talo (all information here). According to the program page (...)

Nyt!... Now! Take action

You are, we are, way more powerful than you think. "The sea level rises. So do we." It was Earth Strike this morning in Tampere. Thank you organizers, kids, teens, students, full classes with teachers and few older people. Don’t stay alone. Join the movement. Check the organizers (...)

Where Can You Buy Organic Food in Tampere?

One day, I was travelling to Greece and an old lady at the market was yelling at a young guy. She was selling local organic garlic and onions. He was selling garlic and onions grown with chemicals and shipped from Asia, 30% cheaper. That’s how I understood globalization in 3 minutes and that’s (...)

Get a green waffle

To conclude the Earth Strike Week, the Green Party (Vihreät) is offering vegan waffles and nice insight to make Tampere more sustainable. Enjoy the waffle and the nice discussion Sat 28/09 in Keskustori, Jugendtori, 12:00-15:00.

CSA... what’s that?

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. As you know, a farmer’s harvest depends on the weather. Not only but mostly. And it has always been hard for farmers to anticipate the quality of harvest, and the amount of clients.CSA was created to mitigate the risks for farmers. I have found here a (...)

Stream Festival, it’s all about impact!

In a week from now, Stream Festival Tampere is happening. This year, everything is focused on impact. We are going to brainstorm, question and define impact all day, start ups are going to network, meet, rise and hopefully take the next steps toward a sustainable future. I’m happy to be a (...)

Hinku... what’s that?

The city of Ylöjärvi is joining the Hinku network. Citizens are welcome to join, understand what Hinku is and share their ideas. Hinku is an umbrella name for carbon neutral cities where public servants, industries, experts and people are working towards CO2 reduction. These cities are committed (...)

Earth Strike is now

It’s serious guys, it’s earth strike week from Sept. 20th to Sept. 27th. Strike has a long history for humans. Since the industrial age, every time we want to change things, strike is the powerful tool. As long as you are in the race, no matter what you say, people around may listen but hey, (...)

Mushrooms picking - 45 min from Tampere

Have you noticed? Mushrooms are everywhere... If you haven’t learn yet how to identify the good yummy ones from the poisonous ones, Stefano Ferrari can teach you. Italian, environmental engineer, Stefano grew up in the Italian Alps and moved to Finland to live in the ecovillage Kurjen Tila, in (...)

Starting an organic and local food group in 2020

Rekola organic farm is ready to deliver organic biodynamic vegetables weekly when we are enough people interested We were not enough to start in Autumn 2019 but if we’re enough, it could start in July 2020 with a delivery point in Tampere. This delivery point could be Tribe, close to Torni (...)

Impact start-up: join +impact accelerator

Business as usual wont help solve climate change if not that would be done already, isn’t? Hundreds of impact and social entrepreneurs are currently tackling key challenges in their own country or abroad with new ideas, new spirit, new tech or not, new approaches. In Finland, this movement is (...)

Papu: peek and pop up

In Nokia, this week Papu has a Pop Up shop open this week on Friday Sept 20th, 12-19, and Saturday Sept. 21th, klo 10-16. The address is Pirkkalaistori 1. Old models, super discount and great garments to find! Papu is a Finnish organic clothing brand. They are sharing openly about their (...)

Pete’s organic pizza’s

Take a cool guy (must be a great cook though). Add a converted vintage horse trailer. Name it "Raffaele" – the trailer, not the cook. Use as much as local and organic ingredients. Heat up to 456° degrees. And you have... Pete and his amazing pizza’s! Pete created 456 degrees in Tampere. His (...)

Sustainable Fashion Shops

In the heart of Tampere Seele is offering a beautiful selection of Finnish organic clothing, as locally produced as possible. It can be expensive but it definitely last longer. For lovers of Finnish design, Miela (picture) is a shop hosting about 20-30 local brands, some of them being 100% (...)

Mix&Match #Sustainability

Organized at Tribe, the Mix&Match networking events serie is coming up on various impact fields. The first one in on Sept. 18th and all about sustainability and will introduce a bit the Startup Weekend about Sustainability. From the event’s FB page: "WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN: RECRUITMENT: Did (...)

Beautiful Pure Waste

Nanso, the famous Finnish textile brand created in 1921 in Nokia, is now launching a new collection in cooperation with Pure Waste. It’s a collection of recycled fabrics that combine responsibility and Finnish design. It’s only 8 items to start, but it’s a start that should be encouraged... so (...)

Kurjen Tila: why eco-villages are so important

We are lucky in Tampere, we have a beautiful eco-village only 45min drive accessible to learn tons of things. And for those who want to travel without polluting, the bus 55 is taking you there. I’ve been there with family and friends a couple of times. The place is called Kurjen Tila and it’s (...)

0 waste week

This week, from Sept. 9th to Sept. 15the, it is 0 waste campaign. Check out these strong statements: "In Finland only, household food waste is 120-160 million kilograms, 20-25 kilograms per person. The amount of food waste in households corresponds to the annual emissions of 100,000 private (...)

Beauty and well-being

In a few years, organic products have become more mainstream and can be found in many places like Sokos, Stockman, Prisma... Make sure to check well the compositions of the products and remember that "natural" doesn’t necessarily means "organic". All these cosmetics are imported from France, (...)

Fista’s canteen is boosting vegetarian options

The Finnish International School of Tampere’s canteen is now boosting vegetarian meals and that’s great! This school located in Amuri "has been chosen for a pilot where vegetarian food is offered as a second lunch option to all students every day. Students can choose which food to eat each day, (...)

3d Sustainable Fellow’s lunch

Welcome to join the 3d Sustainable Fellow’s lunch! We are having lunch together to share about our experience with sustainable challenges, create inspirational networking, and maybe explore ways of future cooperation. We mainly focus on our work with sustainable challenges and try to get (...)

Infinited Fiber: an amazing company

Infinited Fiber is tackling the recycling clothes challenge. The technology can "turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste into new and better cotton. The brand-new fiber can be circulated infinite times while preserving 100 % quality". Their new plant in Valkeakoski is now building up. (...)

Visiting Kurjen Tila

Today, with Janna from Changemakers, we went twice to visit Kurjen Tila eco-village. It’s close to Vesilahti, 45min drive from Tampere or direct bus n°55. During all September, each Saturday between 11am and 14pm they have a Summer Café where you can sip a nice coffee with organic home made (...)

Nice tips from Visit Tampere’s team

Tampere is known as a city of hard work and very social past (social in the sense of cooperative and orientated towards the well-being of all). It’s also a city where lots of Finns would love to live because it’s not too big, not too small, quiet, exciting and surrounded by nature. I’d love (...)

Startup Weekend: Sustainability

For those willing to address some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through their new business idea, for those willing to have impact, check out this coming event organized at Tribe Tampere on September, 20-22nd. "Do you have an idea that addresses one of the Sustainable Development (...)

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Arela was created in 2006 by Maija Arela who’s till running it with her two daughters. They "use only the best natural materials and pride ourselves on the durability of our garments. Collections are produced in skilled hands of trusted professionals in Nepal, Latvia, China and Finland." Global (...)

Tampere, a city towards sustainability

It’s true that living conditions in Tampere are amazing. We have clean air, fresh and pure water, and the forest very accessible. But still, there is a lot to do to make Tampere a real sustainable city with shared resources, circular economy, urban gardening, farmers markets, affordable healthy (...)

Social Forum

The event is organized by Tampereen Sosiaalifoorumi ja Mahdollisuuksien tori and Fingo ry - Suomalaiset kehitysjärjestöt. World Social Forums started in Brazil in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as an attempt to bring in answers to agressive capitalism and neoliberalism. Since them, the event is (...)

Meditation for Changemakers

All the people I know actively involved in sustainability are overwhelmed and stressed but mysteriously loaded with good energy and enthusiasm. On this road, meditation is an amazing tool to relax and re-harmonize deeply. I haven’t followed any meditation session led by Roshnii Yuta Chou yet (...)

Back from the market

Back from the market. Just an example of a good organic harvest :-) Weekly veggies for a family of 5. There is a lot, it will last 10 days. 2 thym - 1 parsley - 1kg tomatoes - 2kg potatoes - 1 bunch of carrots - 2 salads - 6 zucchini’s - 6 oignons - 2 garlic - 2 leeks - 500g green beans - 1/2 (...)

2d Sustainable Fellow’s lunch

We were 7 for the 1st sustainable and inspirational lunch and we had a great time! The food was not really the focus :-) but for the 2d one, we’re meeting at delicious Gopal, in Tammela. Some of us are new with sustainability and some of us are not, but we all agreed that it’s vital for us to (...)


We are at the very beginning of building a sustainable world for our kids and it's not easy otherwise it would be already done. This website is all about making sustainable challenges and solutions more visible and accessible to all, to create more demand for positive practices and (...)

1st Sustainable Fellow’s lunch

Welcome to join the Sustainable fellow’s lunch! Sustainability and impact are not as mainstream in Finland as in other Scandinavian countries. So, we are having lunch together to share about our experience with sustainable challenges, create inspirational networking, and maybe explore ways of (...)



Sustainable Events

The calendar is an attempt to list all events related to sustainability in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.