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April 2022, a sustainability month

A message from the Climate Students network and Complex association, based in Tampere; "We recognize that to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement in time, we must foster a culture of sustainability. To do this, and because we feel Earth Day alone is not enough to (...)

A sustainability podcast from Learning Lab’s students

Interesting! "This is Sustainability Podcast, a new podcast focused on sustainability! We explore some of its less-known aspects, such as decent work, gender equality, personal motivation and happiness. We also investigate the “invisible” work being done towards sustainability in the (...)

PALAVA TULEVAISUUS – End for burning peat and wood in Tampere🔥WHAT? Environmental groups Elokapina Tampere / Extinction Rebellion Tampere, Suomanifesti, Friends of the Earth Tampere, Fridays for Future Tampere ja Greenpeace Tampere organise a demonstration, (...)

Meeting with Marko Ulvila: social justice is the key

Marko Ulvila is taking a lot inspiration from India and Gandhi’s teaching and approach to social justice. He’s dedicating his life to bring more equality, inclusion, tolerance and sustainable resources to vulnerable populations. His analysis of the North American domination in all cultures and (...)

Eco-Impact event: Make Christmas sustainable (online)

If you’re like me and every year you say: "this year, I make Christmas more sustainable" and you’re struggling a bit with it in the end, then let’s share our tips and motivation to make this beautiful celebration really more sustainable this year :) The purpose of the event is to build (...)

Social Permaculture

This workshop is happening online January 8th 2022, 11 am - 3 pm (WET) "This is an open workshop for everyone, doesn’t matter your level of understanding about Permaculture and/or your availability to pay it. If you are interested to know more about Social Permaculture, self-sustainability (...)

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