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Our digital existence: meet Julien Da

Julien Da, IT specialist, is joining this Thursday the Sustainability and Impact Club at Y-Kampus TAMK to share about our digital existence and how sustainably using and contributing to technology for the common good". He’ll introduce us to durable mobile phones and laptop and data (...)

Climat Crisis coffee time

Extinction Rebellion (or XR, Elokapina in Finnish) is "a global environmental movement using non violent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse." (Wikipedia) As a (...)

Join us for the Sustainable and Impact Club events

I’m very happy to welcome you at the Sustainability and Impact Club!! The Club is supported by Tampere Universities, Y-Kampus and the Continuous Learning department. All meetings are free and open to non-students. Mondays and Tuesdays meetings have the same content but are offered in 2 (...)

Meet Siiri Enoranta: imagining a sustainable future

What does it mean to write fiction when so many eco-systems are collapsing? How can we imagine a new world? How can we deal with all these new fears? These are some of the questions we’ll screen together with Siiri Enoranta, a young and brilliant Finnish author of fantasy. Siiri received the (...)

A healthy fair

Over a hundred seminars, workshops and guided classes will give you a full package of new energy for the new year. During these 2 days, you’ll get familiar with vegan and gluten free food, as well as yoga or tai-chi sessions, lectures about tree hugging and self development. It’s happening on (...)

An intellectual approach to climate change

An intellectual approach to climate change solutions through 3 different angles (all in Finnish). 1) BIOS project which is Research Unit about the Ecological Reconstruction (PhD Tere Vadén) 2)Economy and ecological crisis (basic income researcher Johanna Perkiö) 3) "An Ethical Guide to (...)

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