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Meet the Good Guys #2

I’m sure you have noticed that Kombucha beverages are very trendy... why that? Kombucha is a bacteria that has been used for thousands of years in all Asia and Russia. It is known for supporting good gut health, which is our "second brain". It’s mixed with flavoured teas or water to create very (...)

2d hand fashionista’s event

One of the reasons I love Finland is the quality of the second hand shops and events. This one is happening at the Opera, Tampere Talo, this Saturday and is free entrance. "UPEE Second Hand is an accessible and free event celebrating sustainable consumption and fashion. It brings together (...)

Insect Societies and Their Languages

Insects are often perceived as strange and almost incomprehensible "other". However, humans and insects have a lot in common. Insects, too, have their own languages, communicative systems of meaning, and many of them form, like human beings, organized societies in which individuals serve common (...)

Corporate environmental responsibility event

Corporate environmental responsibility is much more than a trend and companies tackling the challenge of environmental responsibility have for sure a competitive advantage. During this morning, experts will present some key points about CSR. Seats are limited. Program and registration here. (...)

DIY for Christmas

If you like craft and DIY, join the association Luontoliitto to make crafts and decoration from recycled and natural materials. You can bring materials but they are also available to everyone. The products will be sold at the Aamulehti Christmas House on Dec. 14th, and the profit will go to (...)

Local and ecological actions: are you joining?

The eco-village Kurjen Tila is opening its association to new members. Would you like to join and co-create inspiring activities with the resources of the place? So far, the village has organized volunteering projects and a summer café but they would like to do more workshops and local actions (...)

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