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Climate crisis: towards extinction (and what to do about it)

I have already introduced Extinction Rebellion and the Climate Crisis Coffee times they organize every Thursday, so no need to repeat. During 1 hour this week, at Tampereen yliopiston Päätalo, luentosali A3, members of EX will give an overview of the climate change crisis problem, and then (...)

Sustainable Christmas

Supermarkets are making an little effort for Christmas. Big choice of fair trade and organic coffees and elves red hats in organic cotton... Check here to find out where to buy organic food in Tampere.

Climat Crisis coffee time

Extinction Rebellion (or XR, Elokapina in Finnish) is "a global environmental movement using non violent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse." (Wikipedia) As a (...)

Sustainable lunch at TAMK: continuing launching the Sustainability and Impact Club

I’m very happy to announce that the sustainable lunch is evolving and continuing next week at the University campus in town. Last week, Tampere Universities community welcomed a first lunch at Y-Kampus / TAMK with the support of the Continuous Learning dpt. But since students come and go, it’s (...)

A fish can think, yes (a lecture)

Life on Earth manifests itself in countless different forms. In their habitats, plants, animals, fungi and microbes form complex networks and ecosystems that are vital to human survival and well-being. As part of nature, we are completely dependent on the diversity and well-being of ecosystems. (...)

Sustainability and Impact Club meeting

This meeting is happening at Y-Kampus facilities in TAMK campus (Paja room) and organic snacks will be served. The Sustainability and Impact Club’s intention is: to involve students in sustainable challenges (with credits) sponsored by companies with final outcomes shared broadly, to create a (...)

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