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April 2022, a sustainability month

A message from the Climate Students network and Complex association, based in Tampere; "We recognize that to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement in time, we must foster a culture of sustainability. To do this, and because we feel Earth Day alone is not enough to (…)

PALAVA TULEVAISUUS – End for burning peat and wood in Tampere🔥WHAT? Environmental groups Elokapina Tampere / Extinction Rebellion Tampere, Suomanifesti, Friends of the Earth Tampere, Fridays for Future Tampere ja Greenpeace Tampere organise a demonstration, (…)

Eco-Impact event: Make Christmas sustainable (online)

If you’re like me and every year you say: "this year, I make Christmas more sustainable" and you’re struggling a bit with it in the end, then let’s share our tips and motivation to make this beautiful celebration really more sustainable this year :) The purpose of the event is to build bridges (…)

Social Permaculture

This workshop is happening online January 8th 2022, 11 am - 3 pm (WET) "This is an open workshop for everyone, doesn’t matter your level of understanding about Permaculture and/or your availability to pay it. If you are interested to know more about Social Permaculture, self-sustainability (…)

Eco-Impact event: Social entrepreneurship and circular economy

In many countries, social entrepreneurs are rising. Who are they? What is this? They usually are people who have decided to solve an urgent challenges and who understand that social justice and environment are very connected. Networks like Ashoka or Jeff Skoll Foundations are very supportive (…)

Eco-Impact event: the Doughnut economics model

One of the most difficult things to grasp with climate change’s complexity has been to make people perceive how limited the planetary resources are. Especially in wealthy countries where we are still very protected from climate change side effects already ongoing elsewhere, right? The entire (…)

Nordic biodynamic forum Regenerative biodynamic

From the organizers: "Nordic biodynamic forum: Regenerative biodynamic land organized at Ahlman, Tampere, Finland PROGRAM Friday 19.11.2021 14 Arrival and coffee 14.30-15 Welcome to Ahlman 15-16 Harri Ala-Kapee: Presentation of livestock work at Ahlman 16-17 Country presentations 17-18 (…)

Our Voices for the Climate in Tampere

If you’re a student and you’d like to elevate your voice for climate action acceleration in Finland, that’s the place to be!! From the organizer: "Our Voices for the Climate is an event that happens in the heart of Tampere, Finland. The workshop will be a fun and relaxing opportunity to meet (…)

Be the change... a grow session with Bloom in Tampere

How does one make a change to live more sustainably with a positive impact? In this session, we will have a conversation about the change we would like to make for a more sustainable life and be the change we would like to see in the world. "Being the change I wanted to be as been a long and (…)

Cireco summit about circular economy in Nokia

Cireco Finland Oy is hosting the 2d edition of Cireco Summit, a panel discussion on relevant Circular Economy topics at Tehdassaari (Nokia) on 11.11.21. The event is in English and is a WCEF side event, World Circular Economy Forum. Esteemed panelists discuss the necessity, benefits and the (…)

Eco-Impact event: Eco-anxiety and education to climate change (online)

That’s not an easy topic, I know but hey, the reality of climate change is going to have a direct impact on all of us. It means that after decades, if not centuries, if living our lives thinking we had "only" to solve domestic problems relatively easy to understand, we urgently need to all (…)

Climate Café

(suomeksi alla) ☕️☕️☕️ As usual, the Climate Café will be held again this Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. in Kaffila, next to Keskustori. You’ll recognize our table from Elokapina’s logo. Come to talk about Elokapina, the climate and environmental crisis and to meet our rebels. Come as you are and (…)

Welcome to Ekothon 2!

Ekothon is meant for everyone! We particularly encourage people interested in sustainable development and working across disciplines and sectors in society. Maybe you have some of the skills/experience needed by the projects (see project descriptions), or maybe you are an innovative and (…)

Eco-Impact event: Who’s your neighbor? Introduction to Non-Violent Communication

Often people say that in Finland it’s so common to not say "hello" to your neighbor, even after looking at each other briefly in the eyes, right? That’s part of the culture shock but that’s also hard for some Finns because turns out that the young generations are way more social! One thing is (…)

Transformation festival at Tehdas 108

Tehdas 108 it’s almost a decade of art, creativity, peace & love building. Sounds beautiful, isn’t? Sounds a little bit 70’s, don’t you think? And why not? I mean, we - as human species - have tried destruction, critic, pride, individualism, envy, anger, domination, coldness, robots, (…)

Pizza perjantai

It’s time for pizza and early birds get a nice discount 🙂 Check 456 Degrees FB page on regular basis. If you’re new to Tampere, Peter’s shiny trailer is often in Tahmela, at the market place and his pizzas are delicious. He’s using : ✔️ Homemade organic dough from Finnish flour ✔️ Organic (…)

Eco-Impact event: Tampere foodies, about local and sustainable food

The changes in the climate and the desire for a more sustainable lifestyle are raising so many questions about food! Why is it important to eat local and seasonal food? Does quality food really matter? Does the vegan diet really have an impact on climate change? With big weather events such as (…)

Perfect compost evening

Cooking and composting in Ahlman in Tampere! In this practical composting workshop we will be guided to the miraculous world of soil organisms and natural nutrient cycles by Oskari Pikkarainen and Dora Tkalec. The knowhow they will share with us is based on the teachings of SoilFoodWeb School (…)

Documentary Night

TAYK (The UN Association of Tampere) and Complex (student association of Leadership for Change Master’s program) invite you to join a documentary night and enjoy a zero food waste menu. We will be watching Iiris Härmä’s documentary “Leaving Africa” (2015) that tells a story of women’s (…)

Papu Warehouse Pop Up in Nokia

Papu is a nice Finnish brand creating sustainable fashion. In this pop up event you’ll find novelties and classics, model pieces, 2-quality products and the latest songs from previous collections at an affordable price. The pop up is happening this Friday (12-19) and Saturday (10-16) in Nokia (…)

Eco-Impact Event: Sustainable Fashion

Demands sinks and supplies pile up, isn’t? Well, a few years ago, Burberry "burned $37 million worth of goods to stop them being stolen or sold cheaply". Less than 10 years ago, Dior could decorate a stage with thousands of fresh flowers, Chanel could bring real ice from Sweden for a winter (…)

Making Sense of Conflicts and Power in Systems Change

"The Sensemaking meetup is Systems Change Finland’s monthly meetup where we explore topics related to applied Systems Thinking and Complexity with interesting speakers. Instead of being one-sided lectures, our meetups are spaces where participants can also make sense about the topics with each (…)

Use it all x Platform 6: Reducing food waste by innovations!

Join us when Dodo’s Use it all - food waste project and the P6 startups (Blokgarden, Herkkä Snacks and Ozonium) talk about reducing food waste by innovations. The startup Foodtech is also present. Both professionals in food or circular economy and citizens interested in environmentally (…)


HIEDANRANTA GARDEN PARTY -LIVESTREAM The program of the online event includes music, circus, greetings from Hiedanranta and a magic show! Join the lines at 13-15 on Hiedanranta’s Youtube channel. Appear in the Livestream broadcast 13.00 Matti 13.30 Juggler Jani Suihkonen 13.35 Greetings (…)

Wild herbs excursion

Join Rahel, founder of Ruska natural skincare, on an excursion to the forest! It is all about forest herbs - their uses and qualities! She will "take you on a journey into my world and show you the forest from a new perspective. As a forest specialist I love to share my passion for the (…)

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