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Meet Henri Murto: Understanding our immediate environment - Soil and food system, what’s wrong ?

Meet Henri Murto, an entrepreneur farmer running the Rekola organic and biodynamic farm. Henri is super passionate about farming and he’ll share about his experience as a successful entrepreneur. With him, we will also discuss about the soil and food system, trying to see how we can get more (...)

Meet Krista Willman: Urban gardening

Krista Willman has a passion for urban gardening and she’ll share about that with us at the Sustainability and Impact Club. She’s a teacher at Tampere University and she used to be the Chair of Tampiiri Ry, the students association promoting organic food at the University. Urban gardening – (...)

Meet Eveliina Asikainen: Education and Sustainable Development

Meet Eveliina Asikainen, TAMK Sustainability Coordinator, this week at the Sustainability and Impact Club. She is in charge of Learning and Education and very engaged in sustainability since decades. She’ll share about negotiations skills since, as we all know, not everybody is convinced that (...)

Meet Saana Raatikainen: Sustainability at the University

Saana Ratikainen has a great energy and you are warmly invited to join! She was Ecocampus project coordinator at the University of Tampere 2001- 2006, Environmental coordinator at the University of Tampere 2006-2018 and Responsible for Campus Services in Facilities Management of Tampere (...)

Meet Eerik Wissenz: Impact business and compassion

Next meeting organized by the Sustainability and Impact Club of Tampere Universities: come to meet Eerik Wissenz, an inspirational impact entrepreneur. Eerik is Canadian-Finnish, with a background in maths and philosophy. At a very young age he understood how serious global warming was and (...)

How to manage my digital existence? Sustainable and independent IT

Come to learn how to make IT work for you, as opposed to making you work for it! In this workshop we will go through: The consequence of electronic waste and responsibly buying technology The importance of footprint / data minimization when using online services The alternatives to Internet (...)

Meet Siiri Enoranta, sustainable fantasy writer

Siiri Enoranta is a young writer living in Tampere. She’s very concerned by the environment and passionate about sustainable changes. She’s a writer of fantasy books and received numerous prestigious awards, such as the Finlandia Junior prize last year. I invite you to discover her universe here. (...)

Pete’s organic pizza’s

Take a cool guy (must be a great cook though). Add a converted vintage horse trailer. Name it "Raffaele" – the trailer, not the cook. Use as much as local and organic ingredients. Heat up to 456° degrees. And you have... Pete and his amazing pizza’s! Pete created 456 degrees in Tampere. His (...)

Visiting Kurjen Tila

Today, with Janna from Changemakers, we went twice to visit Kurjen Tila eco-village. It’s close to Vesilahti, 45min drive from Tampere (we got slighlty lost) or direct bus n°55. During all Summer, each Saturday between 11am and 14pm they have a Summer Café where you can sip a nice coffee with (...)



Sustainable Events

The calendar is an attempt to list all events related to sustainability in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.